Understand the Customer, Maximize Results

Our mission is to help companies adopt advanced methodologies in innovation and product marketing through training and advisory services.

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Design of experiments
  • Organizational learning


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Innovation – Product

Lead with validated learning and customer focus

Creating products and features is a continuous challenge. Innovation implies uncertainty, where wrong assumptions about customer needs and expectations lead to failed products. Even worse, not recognizing uncertainty and proceeding as if the situation is in the simple domain can prove lethal to the product and the team.

Product managers and entrepreneurs are under pressure to make vital decisions with little information, if they are given the option at all. Teams are often compromised due to the challenges of making decisions without data, falling back on opinions and compromise.

We assist teams in making the change to data-driven decisions using methodologies such as customer development, lean and discovery driven growth. By adjusting the focus from building the next product to systematically testing assumptions, your team will be able to reduce risk while minimizing resource demands.

This means a longer runway before seeking additional capital. If the capital is external (e.g., VCs), this means keeping more equity because you have significantly reduced risk.

  • Customer development and JTBD
  • Innovation accounting
  • Risk management and reporting

Marketing – Conversion

Improve the ROI of traffic generation with CMx™

Getting a visitor to the website is only half the battle. Conversion on the site make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign. Before you spend another dollar on traffic generation, you must ensure that your website can convert it.

Conversion maximization provides an opportunity for marketers to demonstrate measurable and immediate results by understanding customer needs and goals, and reflecting them through value proposition messaging. We believe in having no boundary between marketing and product teams.

When the website is often not treated as a marketing channel and a customer touch point, there is no systematic way to address conversion. Changes to the website are done ad-hoc, either by influential stakeholders (sales, product managers, etc.) or by executives based on arbitrary opinions.

We provide product marketers with a workflow to address website conversion systematically, a methodology to help identify conversion barriers and make deliberate and scientifically validated changes to the website. This produces both revenue impact and team alignment.

  • Web analytics audit
  • Funnel UX and messaging
  • Management of experiments

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

- Peter Drucker


Boris Grinkot

Boris worked with Fortune 500 and non-profit companies and led primary research projects on consumer behavior online during his work at MarkеtingExpеriments, a digital marketing consultancy where he also taught customer acquisition methods to thousands of marketers. By 2011, Boris has expanded his measurement and experimentation focus to product development, adding Lean and Agile methods to his MBA studies in NPD, and first-hand Lean startup experience. Since then, he has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate product teams on Lean Startup and Customer Development. Boris has been a guest presenter at the University of Florida, Princeton University, and NYU.

Tim Lombardo

Tim, as a startup advisor, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn and implement Lean Startup and customer development methodologies, especially in the design of qualitative experiments. Tim is an expert in helping startup founders achieve mental clarity in understanding the value that they intend to deliver to their customers. He is currently a co-founder of an educational technology startup and a social business consultancy. His past experience includes financial analysis and organizational development.